We help International Students secure Admission in Chinese Universities keeping in view the Educational background of the Student and what his or her future perspectives. We are committed to do all the paper work for the Students in different Chinese Universities in securing the Admission.
Pre-arrival helps
Once we secure your Admission, we will send you the JW202 Form and the Admission Notice. We will also assist you by givingtips and advises on the necessary documents to apply for your Visa.
Pickup from the Airport
On your arrival in China, we will provide a pick-up service from the Airport to your Campus to avoid any inconveniences.
After securing Admission, we will help you to register successfully into the Chinese University in which you were admitted.
Medical Checkup
To get the Chinese Residence Permit you need to go through the process of obtaining a medical certificate issued by the Chinese Disease and Quarantine Department. After that stage, you need to get the Residence Permit issued by the Chinese Exit and Entry Department. These services are integrated in our package.
Getting appropriate accommodation might be a big challenge for newly arrived International Students. We will find On-Campus or Off-Campus accommodation depending on the University’s requirements and the Student’s interest.
Bank Account
Anticipating your eventual difficulties, we will help you open a bank account and convert your Money into Chinese Yuan (RMB).
Mobile Sim
Communication is extremely important and in China it is crucial. We will help you in getting the Sim card and we will also help you in selecting appropriate mobile packages according to your need and demand.
Online Shopping Accounts
Shopping might be a challenge for new comers in China but online shopping giants like Taobao and JD makes life easier. We will make your personal account for these shopping malls so that you could get anything you want at your doorstep without any worry or delay.
We are authorized to translate Student Documents, Credit Degrees and other Official Documents into the Chinese Language. The translated documents will be accepted by all Chinese Public and Private Institutions.
Document Notarization
Notarization makes the Documents Legal and will be accepted by all the Government Agencies in China. Contact the Laihua Online and we will provide Notarization Services for your Documents.
Educational Seminars
Seminars are the lifeline of Education to get motivated and to think about new ideas. We frequently organize Educational Seminars in which prominent Scholars, Students of different Universities with different Educational background and interests participate
Editing and Publishing Research Articles
Before one can graduate from a Chinese University, you need to Publish your Research. Chinese Universities are highly Research Oriented. But doing Research can be a daunting task for some and frustrating for others. We will be with you to solve all your Editing and Publishing related problems.
Internships are the vital to apply your Theoretical Knowledge to the Real World. We are linked with a number of Chinese Intuitions who recruit Internees. We will find opportunities in accredited Chinese Institutions, where you will get first-hand experience about Chinese working Methodology and Psychology adding color to your CV.
Chinese/English/Other Language Courses
Adopting the Chinese Wisdom, Language and Culture will open many opportunities for you. Around this Environment you will be in interaction with people speaking different Languages, so learning them will be an asset for future career. We also provide interactive Language courses in English, French and Mandarin.
Career Development
What do want to do in the future? We are committed to provide an appropriate mentorship related to your Intellect, Academic background, Skills and Future Aspirations. Our team members are highly Educated, Experienced and they belong to different parts of World. We are ready to share our Experiences to boost your Career.
After Graduation?
After graduation from a Chinese University, if you want to stay in China for higher studies we are happy to help you in choosing a University get into the field which would be relevant to your Educational background.