Entrepreneur Visa In Shanghai Attracts Foreigners

In Recent years, Shanghai imposed several measures that will facilitate entrepreneur visas for foreigners. The city also encourages investors to launch their business plans in the city by setting up startups.

Shanghai allowed foreigners, who graduated from Chinese universities and that have stayed in the city for their business plans, to apply for an entrepreneur visa which lets them stay in the country as they start their own business within a year. The move is part of Shanghai's ambitious goal of turning into a global hub for science and technology by 2030. Shanghai also started to issue entrepreneur visas to graduates of well-known overseas universities within the past two years who had an innovative entrepreneurial plan in Shanghai. Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau said on Wednesday expatriates in Shanghai are finding it easier to renew their visas and apply for permanent residence permits after a set of new policies came into effect earlier this month. Shanghai's new policies require fewer documents from foreigners. According to Cai Baodi, foreigner visa management division chief at the bureau said that the policies exempt those applying for certain visas from providing documents concerning their Chinese hosts if the hosts remain the same from previously granted visas. The new policies are convenient for those applicants seeking short-term family visits (Q2 visa), short-term private matters (the S2 visa), short-term studies (X2 visa), business trips (M or F visa) and talent visas (R visa). CHINADAILY